We have got news regarding the Water Polo competition. The Water polo Competition will start for Year 4-6 children this week. 

Unfortunately, Year 2-3 competition will be postponed until  start of Term 4, due to safety concerns from the organisers. Under COVID restriction there are no spectators allowed in to watch the water polo games. The organisers felt that there were safety issues around Year 2-3 children getting change unsupervised and then finding their parents in an already busy car park.

The Year 4-6 competition will go ahead with the following procedures:

All players must complete contract tracing procedures as set out by the pool.

All players to arrive at the pool with their togs on under their clothes 10 min before game time.

 All players enter the pool via the change rooms or through the family changing rooms.

Exit from the pool complex is via café to the front doors.

Year 4- 6 Grade – Main Pool

The competition in the main pool Years 4-6 . No spectators.

  • One adult coach and one parent helper are allowed to accompany and look after the team.
  • Children arrive at the pool and sit in the designated areas waiting for their game. There will be people from Southland Water Polo to direct teams.
  • Children to sit one seat apart in the stands while they wait.
  • At the conclusion of the game the players are to swim to the change room end of the pool and exit the pool. They will wait their until the next teams enter the pool and then go an get their clothes off the seats before getting changed.
  • Once the players have exited the pool the waiting teams will enter the pool and swim to the correct place for their game.
  • At the conclusion of the game, players are required to leave the pool complex not to swim in the Wave Pool.
  • These procedures will remain in place until there is a change in COVID levels. We ask that parents and players follow the procedures so we are able to operate our competition safely.
  • The draw is now on the School Stream Sport tab until Sports Draw