Sports Registration Form

Sports Registration Form

This form is used to gather information required for the school to complete the team registrations. If you require any other information about a particular sport please visit our School Sports information page.

Request for Coaches / Managers

The Roles of the Coach / Manager
Makarewa School has a policy which only allows people who are police vetted through the school to coach or manage a school team. In the unlikely event that we have no parents available to act as a coach or manager then we will not enter a team. Police vetting forms are always available at the school office and takes approximately 20 working days to be processed.

Before the game:
- Ensure you have picked up the notebook before the game.
- Ensure the team is ready to take the field.
- Ensure the children are wearing the correct sports uniform and any required safety equipment.

During the Game
- Ensure the children and parents display fair play towards the other team. If there are problems relay these to the school.
- Ensure that all children get equal opportunities to play.

After the game
- Select a player of the day.
- Write the score, who you played, any things the children need to work on at practice, select a sports reporter and the player of the day in the notebook provided and return to to school.
- Ensure that all children have been picked up before you leave the venue.

If there are any concerns the team manager should make contact with the school.

Terms and Conditions
I understand the following:
- Payment for this sport must be paid in full before the closing date to secure a position.
- Payments can be made using online banking to [12-3154-0144086-00]. Please include your child’s name as reference and the sport as the code.
- Players must provide the correct sports equipment and be in the correct school uniform.
- We as parents will display the fair play ideals as spectators and encourage our children to do the same.