Just a reminder that Oral Assessment registrations are due tomorrow Friday 24 July. If you wish to enrol please use the link below.

Oral Assessment Registration. 

The oral assessment programme is part of the NZ Speech Board activities. The programme involves the child presenting a prepared speech and poem (or prose or drama) to a designated examiner. There is also some discussion on a novel.

It has been shown that the children’s involvement in this activity has given them enhanced confidence when speaking in front of others. Oral Assessment is part of the School’s extension programme.

The oral assessment programme is being offered to pupils Y4 – Y6 (Rooms 5, 6, 1). It will be taken during the school day, by Mrs Cundall.  An examination date will be set for the end of Term 3 or early Term 4. The cost of the exam is approximately $33, which is paid to the NZ Speech Board for an examiner. The cost will be confirmed and invoiced.

To register your child please go to the Oral Assessment please complete the slip attached to the newsletter and return it to school by 9am Friday 24 July. The children will be required to do some practice at home to prepare for the exam.